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Balloon Buzz Party Centre is the pioneer in concept party shop in Malaysia established since 2002 with its first shop opened in Section 14, Petaling Jaya.
They serves as a concept party retail and services providing a full range of party items that meet the needs of both children and adults. They carry a big inventory of balloons and a wide range of party items catering to many age groups, festivities and events.
Their network has extended to a total of 14 party shops across Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Brunei Darussalam.

The Challenge

They have created their website since 2007 to catch up with the online trend. Not only having more than 12 brick and mortar shops, they also wanted to bring happiness to more families via website.

However, wanting to grow through e-commerce but it seems like it's not that easy as it requires a specialist e-commerce team to build it. Especially during recent times where sickness and COVID-19 becoming more serious, they understand their customers will be worried to go out to the mall or shops to purchase balloon decorations.

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The Approach

Before achieving 300% increase of revenue after 6 months, first we modernise the overall design of the website and improve user experience. We ensure it to be mobile friendly as 75% above of their customers uses mobile to shop. Overall shopping experience for this website will be simple and clean.



Once we understand their customers, we are able to determine what kind of information or value they seek in our website. And then we position ourselves to be better than the others by giving what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also knowing their limitations. With better UX, average time spent for customers has increase 10X than before.

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To be at the first page of Search Engine Page Result or among the top 3 can be tough, but not impossible. With months of adjusting SEO in website, we are able to rank at number 1 on Google. Visitors has increase 3X than before.


A repeat customer always trust a brand more than a new customer. We not only focuses on new visitors, but we also encourage to continue to communicate with customers who have purchased with us. With the correct application, we have been increasing repeat sales and conversion rate by 1.5X.

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